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segunda-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2013

December insights on CMO Strategy, Facebook and Marketing in 2014 - Social Insider Top 10

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Social Insider Top 10 - December 2013

Here are our top 10 content picks in the world of Social Marketing and Big Data:

90% of brands measure social engagement, according to recent research by Ragan/NASDAQ, yet a study earlier this year by The CMO Survey found that only 15% of CMOs can actually quantify their social ROI.

- via MediaPost

Facebook’s December news feed algorithm change is so far punishing brand pages, regardless of how interested fans are in that page’s content, according to a new analysis by Ignite Social Media. 

Most companies currently don’t have a strategy in place to succeed at socializing and gamifying their web properties, presenting a tremendous opportunity for firms to move fast and push ahead of the competition.

- via Gigya

The new, in-the-moment relationship between brand stories and audiences is the basis of an emerging tactic called storybuilding.

Pinterest has become a top sharing destination and, in some industry verticals, even surpasses more established social networks like Facebook and Twitter in its “share of shares.”

- via Gigya

There are three cultural issues that we must solve to unlock the latent potential of data: data silos, a lack of data scientists, and broken communication channels between data scientists and business users.

Many companies believe that people will readily do their bidding by simply slapping some meaningless badges, points and leaderboards onto their websites, but audiences must be engaged with meaningful incentives.

The logged-in user revolution is crumbling the 3rd party cookie, and marketers need a new way to connect closer with consumers by establishing the trust and understanding necessary to reach them with the right messages at the right times.

- via Gigya

Push notifications and mobile app ads are two engagement channels that can serve different goals, but act complimentary as you interact with your users. 

- via Facebook

We are on the cusp of the second wave of the big data revolution, and if the first chapter was about investing in the technology to harness the insight and analysis from data, the second is about using big data to quickly get to revenue.

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