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segunda-feira, 23 de dezembro de 2013

Nobility Newsletter: "What Happens to an Ungrateful City?" and other posts

Nobility Newsletter: "What Happens to an Ungrateful City?" and other posts

  • What Happens to an Ungrateful City? 
  • Did Jesus wish to be born noble? 
  • Gruff greeting to popular royals 
  • Birthday 
  • The Church and State Have Specific Ends and Goals 
  • Video – Christmas in a French castle 
  • December 23 – The Knights of Aviz and Their Cistercian Founder 
  • December 23 – He Always Held His Soul in His Hands 
  • December 24 – Sts. Trasilla and Emiliana 
  • December 25 – On Christmas Day, He Died 

Posted: 22 Dec 2013 09:16 PM PST

Based on an article by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira Yes! I can still remember that tiny, but charming village and its square with the enchanting Church. I can even remember how the light of the morning sun used to set the stained glass windows on fire! And its steeple with the big clock…and the bells! [...]

Posted: 22 Dec 2013 09:15 PM PST

From the Allocution of Leo XIII to the Roman Patriciate and Nobility on January 24, 1903: And Jesus Christ, although He chose to spend His private life in the obscurity of a lowly dwelling, passing for the son of a laborer, and although in public life He so loved to associate with the common people, [...]

Posted: 22 Dec 2013 09:15 PM PST

According to The West Australian: The Australian Republican Movement welcomes Prince William and wife Kate but says their visit in April will not change the argument for a republic. “It’s always nice to have international visitors,” national director David Morris told AAP. When asked about the celebrity status of the royal couple, Mr Morris said it [...]

Posted: 22 Dec 2013 09:12 PM PST

According to Royal News 24: Today is the 60th birthday of Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia. Born in 1953, she is the only child of Grand Duke Vladimir Kirillovich of Russia and Princess Leonida Bagration-Mukhrani. She was born in Madrid where her family lived in exile. Her father issued a [...]

Posted: 22 Dec 2013 09:11 PM PST

[T]he Church and the State are both independent perfect societies with specific ends and goals. Each is juridically competent to provide all the necessary and sufficient means to carry out its purpose; each is sovereign in its own sphere. The Church has as Her immediate and specific purpose the promotion of the supernatural life and [...]

Posted: 22 Dec 2013 09:10 PM PST

Posted: 22 Dec 2013 09:10 PM PST

Saint John of Cirita Memorial: 23 December Benedictine monk, also known as John Ziritu. Hermit in Galacia. Monk at Toronca, Portugal, which he helped turn into a Cistercian house. Wrote the Rule of the Knights of Aviz (Portuguese: Ordem Militar de Avis). Died, c. 1164. The Military Order of St. Benedict of Aviz A military [...]

Posted: 22 Dec 2013 09:09 PM PST

Saint Antônio de Sant'Anna Galvão Born 1739, in the village of Santo Antonio da Vila de Guaratinguetá, Brazil; died 23 December, 1822, at the Convent of Light, São Paulo, Brazil. His father, also named Anthony, belonged to an illustrious Portuguese family and was well educated, as evidenced by his writings. He excelled in business, the [...]

Posted: 22 Dec 2013 09:08 PM PST

Aunts of St. Gregory the Great, virgins in the sixth century, given in the Roman Martyrology, the former on 24 December, the latter on 5 January. St. Gregory (Hom. XXXVIII, 15, on the Gospel of St. Matthew, and Lib. Dial., IV, 16) relates that his father, the Senator Gordian, had three sisters who vowed themselves [...]

Posted: 22 Dec 2013 09:07 PM PST

St. Peter Nolasco Born at Mas-des-Saintes-Puelles, near Castelnaudary, France, in 1189 (or 1182); died at Barcelona, on Christmas Day, 1256 (or 1259). He was of a noble family and from his youth was noted for his piety, almsgiving, and charity. Having given all his possessions to the poor, he took a vow of virginity and, [...]

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'A Lógica da Criação'

Jesus, oculto na Hóstia, é tudo para mim

“Se não fosse a Santa Comunhão, eu estaria caindo continuamente. A única coisa que me sustenta é a Santa Comunhão. Dela tiro forças, nela está o meu vigor. Tenho medo da vida, nos dias em que não recebo a Santa Comunhão. Tenho medo de mim mesma. Jesus, oculto na Hóstia, é tudo para mim. Do Sacrário tiro força, vigor, coragem e luz. Aí busco alívio nos momentos de aflição. Eu não saberia dar glória a Deus, se não tivesse a Eucaristia no meu coração.”

(Diário de Santa Faustina, n. 1037)


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