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quinta-feira, 14 de novembro de 2013

Nobility Newsletter: "Coronation ceremony accused of violating human rights" and other posts

Nobility Newsletter: "Coronation ceremony accused of violating human rights" and other posts

  • Coronation ceremony accused of violating human rights 
  • Grand Ducal couple will visit the forsaken and forgotten 
  • Baby daughter born to Archduke Imre 
  • Many Russians favor return of Tsars 
  • Garcia Moreno returns to the practice of the Faith, and the fervor of his youth 
  • Bourdon souls can rescue society today 
  • November 14 – St. Lawrence O’Toole 
  • November 15 – Universal Doctor 
  • November 15 – St. Desiderius of Cahors 
  • November 16 – St. Agnes of Assisi 
  • November 16 – St. Margaret of Scotland: In the Middle Ages, the Marvelous Was Something Achievable 
  • November 16 – St. Mechtilde 
  • November 16 – St. Gertrude the Great 
  • November 17 – St. Hugh of Lincoln 
  • November 17 – The Queen Gave Good Example Caring for the Sick and Suffering 

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 09:17 PM PST

According to the Guardian: The National Secular Society (NSS) has instructed lawyers to investigate challenging the ancient religious rite [of coronation] under human rights legislation. The NSS expects the challenge to focus on article 9 of the European convention on human rights, on the grounds that allowing the Church of England to perform such a [...]

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 09:16 PM PST

According to the Luxemburger Wort: Luxembourg’s Grand Duke Henri and Grand Duchess Maria Teresa are to visit Syrian refugees at a Turkish camp as part of a state visit to the Republic of Turkey. Next Wednesday, the Grand Ducal couple will call in at Nizip 2 refugee camp in the Gaziantep region (southeastern Anatolia), where [...]

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 09:15 PM PST

According to Noblesse et Royautés: Born in Luxembourg: Archduchess Maria Stella, first child of Archduke Imre, son of Archduke Carl Christian von Habsburg and Princess Marie Astrid of Luxembourg and his wife Archduchess Kathleen, née Walker. The couple was married in September, 2012, in Washington, USA. The newborn Archduchess is the fifth great-child of Grand [...]

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 09:14 PM PST

According to Russia Today: A recent poll has shown that 28 percent of Russian citizens want their country to be again ruled by Tsars… The research has been done by the All-Russian Center for Public Opinion. The results were announced by the head of this organization, Valery Fedorov, at a Moscow conference dedicated to the [...]

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 09:12 PM PST

Paris was, in fact, to Garcia Moreno a great school for the highest sciences; but, by the grace of God, Who was about to employ this man as an instrument of salvation to His people, it became also the focus of his true Christian life. For several years his early piety had been chilled. The [...]

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 09:11 PM PST

It is possible to reawaken these bourdon souls. However, we must first re-emphasize that what we desire is these figures in the context of the "feudal bond" discussed earlier—those reciprocal social relationships that generate stability and leadership. We do not seek to impose the feudal structures or hierarchies of the past. By their nature, feudal [...]

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 09:10 PM PST

St. Lawrence O’Toole (Lorcan ua Tuathail; also spelled Laurence O’Toole) Confessor, born about 1128, in the present County Kildare; died 14 November, 1180, at Eu in Normandy; canonized in 1225 by Honorius III. His father was chief of Hy Murray, and his mother one of the Clan O’Byrne. At the age of ten he was [...]

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 09:09 PM PST

St. Albert the Great Known as Albert the Great; scientist, philosopher, and theologian, born c. 1206; died at Cologne, 15 November 1280. He is called "the Great", and "Doctor Universalis" (Universal Doctor), in recognition of his extraordinary genius and extensive knowledge, for he was proficient in every branch of learning cultivated in his day, and [...]

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 09:08 PM PST

St. Desiderius of Cahors Bishop, born at Obrege (perhaps Antobroges, name of a Gaulish tribe), on the frontier of the Provincia Narbonnensis, of a noble Frankish family from Aquitaine, which possessed large estates in the territory of Albi; died 15 Nov., 655—though Krusch has called this date in question. In his childhood Desiderius was profoundly [...]

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 09:07 PM PST

St. Agnes of Assisi Younger sister of St. Clare and Abbess of the Poor Ladies, born at Assisi, 1197, or 1198; died 1253. She was the younger daughter of Count Favorino Scifi. Her saintly mother, Blessed Hortulana, belonged to the noble family of the Fiumi, and her cousin Rufino was one of the celebrated "Three [...]

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 09:06 PM PST

Saint Margaret of Scotland Commentaries made by Prof. Plinio Correa de Oliveira … Sovereign and patroness of Scotland, 11th century. Although it is a very good intention to comment on the life of St. Margaret, at times one does not have the slightest biographical data on a saint. For lack of a better biography, [...]

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 09:05 PM PST

St. Mechtilde (MATILDA VON HACKEBORN-WIPPRA). Benedictine; born in 1240 or 1241 at the ancestral castle of Helfta, near Eisleben, Saxony; died in the monastery of Helfta, 19 November, 1298. She belonged to one of the noblest and most powerful Thuringian families, while here sister was the saintly and illustrious Abbess Gertrude von Hackeborn. Some writers [...]

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 09:04 PM PST

St. Gertrude the Great Saint, Benedictine and mystic writer; born in Germany, January 6, 1256; died at Helfta, near Eisleben, Saxony, November 17, 1301 or 1302. Nothing is known of her family, not even the name of her parents. It is clear from her life (Legatus, lib. I, xvi) that she was not born in [...]

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 09:03 PM PST

St. Hugh of Lincoln Born about the year 1135 at the castle of Avalon, near Pontcharra, in Burgundy; died at London, 16 Nov., 1200. His father, William, Lord of Avalon, was sprung from one of the noblest of Burgundian houses; of his mother, Anna, very little is known. After his wife's death, William retired from [...]

Posted: 13 Nov 2013 09:02 PM PST

St. Elizabeth of Hungary Also called St. Elizabeth of Thuringia, born in Hungary, probably at Pressburg, 1207; died at Marburg, Hesse, 17 November (not 19 November), 1231. She was a daughter of King Andrew II of Hungary (1205-35) and his wife Gertrude, a member of the family of the Counts of Andechs-Meran; Elizabeth's brother succeeded [...]

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